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Long Island Buddhist Meditation Center (LIBMC)

Venerable Kottawe Nanda

Resident monk of The Meditation Center


History of Long Island Meditation Center


Profound understanding of human life
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Meditation is the pathway towards profound understanding of human life. Such an understanding results in a human being with equanimity. Therefore, meditation has the therapeutic means of bringing about a society that we all would love to live in. It is something you have to experience within. And that experience can be applied very practically during one’s normal day to day life.

One would be able to take up everyday chores with less stress and with more happiness. Meditation awakens your wisdom, and with wisdom you shape your life. Therefore, we can also understand meditation as a way of life.

Religion is not an obstacle for the practice of meditation. If you are a Christian you will become a better Christian, if you are a Catholic you become a better Catholic and if you are a Muslim you become a better Muslim.

Finally, it is very important that one starts this journey at an early stage in their life. It will help you to get the most of this life while sharing the message of meditation to a lot more. With frequent practice you can experience the changes within you. Our doors are open for everyone and we welcome you all.