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Long Island Buddhist Meditation Center (LIBMC)

Venerable Kottawe Nanda

Resident monk of The Meditation Center


History of Long Island Meditation Center


Profound understanding of human life
Nayaka Thero

Venerable Kottawe Nanda

Venerable Kottawe Nanda, the resident monk of the center was born in Sri Lanka in 1966. Ordained as a Buddhist monk in 1977 he received his higher ordination in 1985. Ven. Nanda had his primary education at the Sri Gnanananda Vanavasa Buddhist Institute, Wathurawila, Sri Lanka from 1977 to 1983 under the most Venerable Wathurawila Sri Gnanananda, the Maha Nayake Thero of the Syamopali Vanavasa Nikaya (Forest-dwelling-sect).

Nanda thero credits his teacher ‘Wathuravila Sri Gnanananda thero for guiding him in the path of the Buddha for making him a well-versed monk who he is today. Growing up in the forest dwelling sect background at its main vihara, Wathuravila senasana, he grew a passion towards learning and practicing as a Buddhist monk. At Wathuravila senasana he was exposed to the earliest and traditional way of monkhood. His passion and guidance to learn Buddhism led him to read ‘Tripitaka’ (three baskets – sutra, vinaya, abhidamma) from a very young age. This practice helped him to grasp core Buddhist teachings and the essence of various Buddhist meditation techniques early in his bhikkhu life. He went through a rigorous daily routine during his stay at the Sri Gnanananda Vanavasa Buddhist monks training center. Daily routine of the training center started at 4am every day from meditation followed by chanting and studying.


Student Bhikkhu’s at the center also got trained to preach dhamma to devotees who visited the institute daily from various places of the Island. Another great opportunity at Wathuravila senasana was the exposure to annual tripitaka aacharya examinations that was conducted by Sri Sumangala memorial Dhamma institute.

Bhikkhus were trained towards the examination. The training included in depth study of tripitaka as well as meditation techniques. This knowledge he gained further expanded by studying towards praachina examinations which grants the Royal Pandith degree for bhikkhus in Sri Lanka.

He earned a Tripitakavedi Degree (Bachelor of Tripitaka) at the Bhikkhu University of Anuradhapura in 1989 and a Master’s degree in Buddhist Philosophy from the University of Kelaniya in 1991. Such academic studies further broadened his Tripitaka and meditation knowledge in greater depth and detail. It also included in depth studies in Pali, Sanskrit, Logic, Philosophy, History and Literature.

Bhante Kottawe Nanda also carried the responsibility as a deputy principal in two Buddhist monk training schools. [89-2000]. With immense patience, great determination and under strict training, he had become a teacher of Buddha Dhamma including excellent knowledge in Pali, Sanskrit, History and teaching meditation techniques. In 2001 by the recommendation of most Ven Dr. Kanumuldeniye Dharmashoka, chief monk of new Polonnaru Galvihara Dehiwela Dehiwala Sri Lanka and by the invitation of most Ven. Kurunegoda Piyathissa nayaka maha thero, Bhante Nanda came to the United States of America.