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Lets’ support new Long Island Buddhist Meditation Center

Lets’ support new Long Island Buddhist Meditation Center

Lets’ support new Long Island Buddhist Meditation Center. We are pleased to announce that we have successfully purchased our new location in Northville. It is with your continuous and generous contribution and support of this effort that the purchase of our new location has been made possible. The new LIBMC on Sound Avenue in Northville is in desperately need of renovation which is proceeding now. I have attached the estimated renovation budget for your reference.

Each of us has a rare opportunity for building a temple and a wonderful opportunity for acquiring merit (Goodwill or Karma). As you can see in the budget, there are opportunities for financial contribution. You are more than welcome to take one whole financial category or you can donate as you like. Since we do understand that not everybody will be able to help us with the cash donation, we hope you will consider donating related equipment, goods or volunteer hours for some of the renovating activities. As a 501(c)3 organization, we will be able to provide a tax receipt for all donations.

Your contribution will help us to repair the place and, while it preserves an important asset to the community. We need the support of you all, as well as the benevolence of community businesses and individuals to help us to reach this financial target.

Your ongoing support of the mission of LIBMC in Port Jefferson is deeply appreciated. If you have any questions or further details do not hesitate to contact us.

Please contact us regarding ways to contribute and assist us on this very important project. Additionally, we invite you to visit our new location (5268 Sound Avenue, Riverhead, NY 11901) to see our progress thus far. Please contact us for further more information

Repair Estimate for LIBMC New Building

1MRS basement bathroom complete renovation1,900
Including tiles, piping, install equipment’s..etc.
2MR basement bathroom complete renovation2,300
Above everything plus shower stall
31 and 2 floor rear exit doors 250 x 2500
Supply and install
4Paint exterior building walls2,750
Paint included
5Paint 1st floor meeting room1,250
6Paint 2nd floor meeting room1,500
Included Monk’s quarters
71 st FL floor Sanding and polishing1,000
82nd FL floor sanding and polishing1,250
Included Monk’s quarters
9Paint front Foyer metal wall sheets with rust protector Primer and Paint500
10Front entrance install floor tiles950
11Clean and varnish all 100 plus chairs475
12Add New Walkway and repair existing all walk ways in front of the building1,350
 Total Amount of Proposed Job=15,725