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Uposatha Observance Day – April 2017

The Long Island Buddhist Meditation Center held its Uposatha Observance Day program Sunday April 30th, 2017- with an unexpectedly large turnout. We had the pleasure of hosting regular meditation attendees, community members, several first-time visitors and a great talk from a longtime practitioner.

The day was filled with wonderful Dhamma talks from residing Bhante Nanda and Bhante Pannarathana – ranging from the Precepts, to skillfulness in practice, and an open dialogue with the preceptors.

The day began by inducting the audience to the retreat’s eight precepts, followed by the first Dhamma talk about the value of the aforementioned precepts. It was at this point that the visiting Bhante, Bhante Pannarathana, led the Sangha in a guided meditation. His focus and calm words allowed for a meaningful sit to set the tone for the day.The Puja was then offered, giving the Sangha the opportunity to chant and make their contribution to the offering to the Buddha, before lunch. A delicious lunch comprised of many member’s home cooked dishes was offered to the monks, using traditional bowls to be served.

After lunch Dana, the Sangha had the pleasure of participating in a walking meditation- a pleasant experience not often practiced at the Temple. The rest of the afternoon comprised of a talk on skillfulness by Chris- one of the original members, Dhamma talk by Bhante Pannarathana about dependent origination, a short meditation before a question and answer session. All who attended and assisted with this great day obtained much merit and wholesomeness. We share this merit with all those who support the program as well as those who could not come.

May you be well happy and success!